/// Sketching the Abstract… #artwork #HipHop #illustration #ATCQ

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    /// [Sketching My Followerz] 7. @beau2fulme #artwork #illustration #DeltaSigmaTheta

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    /// [Sketching My Followerz] 6. @fmyusuf #artwork #illustration

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    /// #tbt Back when I made myself a comic super hero. #artwork #illustration #comic

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    /// “It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine whooooo’s world is this??!” #artwork #HipHop #Nas #illustration

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    /// Today is the 1 Year Anniversary for me & @itsnametag “For Namesake” album.

    This is truly a Slept-On gem that only a few hip hop heads were aware of & I feel that more folks will become brought up to speed on it in a couple years.

    Right now, theres too many folks caught on the trap music, snap beat & creating feminine dances. While we were focused on creating stuff that’s worth taking a listen to.

    But I’m used to it…..the majority of the world don’t wanna listen to Real Hip Hop anymore. But to the ones who APPRECIATE Real Hip Hop, I thank you for trying to keep the culture alive. Not just me & Tag…..this goes as far back as A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Organized Konfusion, Slum Village, etc.

    All those artists started off as being slept-on as well. And in the end, became the most appreciated legends in hip hop till this day.

    I look at this album as the same situation. With that being said I wanna thank Guilty Simpson, Miz Korona, Black Milk, MAHD, Jahshua Smith, Chell & Black Bethoven for becoming a part of this. And a huge thanks to Brick Records for giving us a chance to create on your label.

    For Namesake 2……..soon, come!! #ForNamesake #HipHop

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    /// “I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this….Gotta be something for me to write this.” #HipHop #artwork #illustration

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    /// Sketching a Chicago legend…. #HipHop #illustration #artwork

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